Potential (Simon & Schuster) Ariel Schrag continues her tumultuous passage through high school in the third book of her acclaimed series of frank, insightful, and painfully honest graphic memoirs.

Written during the summer following her junior year at Berkeley High School, Potential recounts Ariel’s first real relationship and first-time love with a girl, her quest to lose her virginity to a boy, and her parents’ divorce — as well as the personal and social complications of writing about her life as she lives it. Along the way she hangs out with her favorite teacher, obsesses over clothes, gets drunk, smokes pot, and tries to connect the biology she reads about in textbooks with the biology she’s living.

Nominated for an Eisner Award

“One of the secrets of Potential’s appeal is that it cannily combines the drive, raunch, and imagination of the best fiction with near anthropological realness… hilarious frankness and a wickedly addictive sense of storytelling.” — Village Voice

Potential is messy and confusing, filled with shifting perspectives, odd random details, and sudden moments of despair and love. If it were easier to classify, it would have a larger audience, but it wouldn’t be nearly as great. — Chicago Reader

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