Awkward and Definition (Simon & Schuster) During the summer following each year at Berkeley High School in California, Ariel Schrag wrote a comic book about her experiences, which she would then photocopy and sell around school. Some friends thrilled to see themselves in the comic, others not so much, but everyone was interested.

Awkward chronicles Ariel’s freshman year, and Definition, her sophomore year. With anxiety in excess and frustration to the fullest, Ariel dives in — meeting new people, going to concerts, crushing out, loving chemistry, drawing comics, and obsessing over everything from glitter-laden girls to ionic charges and the constant pursuit of the number-one score.

Selected for the American Library Association Rainbow List

The High School Comic Chronicles of Ariel Schrag are a scathing and meticulously documented autobiographical triumph” – Alison Bechdel

“Mesmerizing. Schrag, even at age 15, is a cartoonist whose ear for language and details and anecdotes surpasses many more established writers.” — Gutter Geek

“Schrag’s perceptiveness and incredible eye for detail make Definition brilliant. Rarely have I seen such substantial work come from a person of her age.” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

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