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“A big leap of artistic ambition and self-discovery; Schrag saved the best for last.” — Kirkus (Starred Review)

“In a confessional style that’s part Robert Crumb and part Judy Blume, Schrag explores teenage sexuality in a frank and often heartbreaking way… her obsession with truth-telling would make Holden Caulfield proud.” — NPR

“Schrag’s most ambitious and expressionist book.”East Bay Express

“With Likewise, Schrag has crafted a comic that is as structurally daring as it is emotionally affecting… she’s funny, smart, fragile, self-centered, manipulated and manipulative, undeniably endearing, and ultimately, awe-inspiring.” – Inkwell Bookstore

“One of the great achievements of contemporary comics.” — The Comics Journal“Beautifully illustrated… A fine denouement for Schrag’s magnum opus, worthy of the attention of both Alison Bechdel and Michel Foucault fanciers.” — Booklist

“As I devoured the pages, all I could think about was how difficult it would be to confess all the dirty details of high school the way Schrag does, and I can’t thank her enough for having the balls to do it.” – Bust

“Schrag’s sheer ambition and drive behind this comic is so compelling that one can’t help but get swept along.” - High-Low

“A formidable and intricately executed epic.” — Bitch

“By turns funny, raw and self-indulgent, Schrag perfectly captures the growing pains of a precocious high school senior.”— Publisher’s Weekly

“A wonderful finale to the series, Likewise is made up of moments that, much like high school itself, are tender, heart wrenching, hysterical, and scandalous.” — Venuszine

Likewise is possibly the definition of TMI in its form and content. And, you know, the world is lucky to have such an artifact.”— The Austin Chronicle

To read a roundtable discussion of Likewise by five comics critics see Likewise Roundtable


“One of the secrets of Potential’s appeal is that it cannily combines the drive, raunch, and imagination of the best fiction with near anthropological realness… hilarious frankness and a wickedly addictive sense of storytelling… Potential remains a vibrant testament to a year that was both lovely as a kiss and hard as a stone.” — Elizabeth Vincentelli, Village Voice

“A smart, sweet graphic memoir. Schrag’s work should resonate with anyone—female or male, gay or straight—who has survived high school.” — Kirkus (Starred Review)

“Schrag’s touch with the material is so deft that it’s easy to feel that she’s not shaping it at all… Potential is messy and confusing, filled with shifting perspectives, odd random details, and sudden moments of despair and love. If it were easier to classify, it would have a larger audience, but it wouldn’t be nearly as great. — Noah Berlatsky, Chicago Reader

“Schrag’s] frankness is laudable… She renders the physical and emotional experiences of a girl working through sexual-orientation issues superbly. Her authenticity and precocious insight demand that she be fully read before judgment is cast.”— Booklist (Starred Review)

Potential is an honest, rambling, obsessive narrative of high school angst, with a potential of its own peeking through… this coming-of-age story amply displays the emotional uncertainty of adolescence.” — Publishers Weekly

“You won’t be able to put [Schrag’s books] down.” — City Paper (Baltimore)


Awkward and Definition

“A joy—one of the most undervalued treasures of American comics.” —

“Schrag’s perceptiveness and incredible eye for detail make Definition brilliant. Rarely have I seen such substantial work come from a person of her age.” –Jennifer Joseph, The San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Mesmerizing. Schrag, even at age 15, is a cartoonist whose ear for language and details and anecdotes surpasses many more established writers.” — Gutter Geek

“Impossible to put down.” — Maggie Overfelt, The Minnesota Daily

“Humorous, honest, and engagingly simple, Schrag’s work is the definition of genuine talent.” — Feminist Review

Stuck in the Middle

“Some of the stories—Lauren Weinstein’s horrible time at horseback-riding camp, Daniel Clowes’ detached memories of summer with his grandparents—are hilarious. Others, like Eric Enright’s tale of self-hatred, remind us that the concerns of junior high are often far from funny. Schrag cleverly plays up this contrast by alternating the stories, suggesting the mood swings of adolescence itself… by and large it is excellent” — Ned Vizzini, The New York Times Book Review

(An) honest, acutely perceptive compendium of cartoon black humor.”— Booklist (Starred Review)

Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything

“Made me laugh out loud.” – Whitney Matheson, USA TODAY

“Freaking hilarious. Though it has a journal/autobio vibe to it, the material is funny enough that it feels fictional (that or Ariel and Kevin are truly hilarious and epic to hang out with).” – Comic Book Resources

Ariel and Kevin on The Mike & Judy Show

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