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AdamADAM (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) When Adam Freedman—a skinny, awkward, inexperienced teenager from Piedmont, California—is sent by his parents to join his older sister Casey in New York City, he is hopeful that his life is about to change. And it sure does. It is the summer of 2006, a year of gay marriage demonstrations and the rise of transgender rights, and Casey has thrust herself into that scene. Soon, Adam finds himself part of a wild lesbian subculture complete with underground clubs, drinking, and hot older women everywhere he turns. It takes some time for him to realize that many in this new crowd assume he is trans—a boy who was born a girl—or why else would this baby-faced guy always be around? Then Adam meets Gillian, the girl of his dreams — but she’s a lesbian and couldn’t possibly be interested in him. Unless—it occurs to Adam—passing as a trans guy might actually work in his favor…

Ariel Schrag’s scathingly funny and poignant debut novel puts a fresh spin on questions of love, attraction, self-definition, and what it takes to be at home in your own skin.

Selected for the Morning News Tournament of Books 2015

“Hilarious…Schrag’s riotous, poignant debut novel will leave you reeling.” — SF Weekly

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Awkward and DefinitionAwkward and Definition (Simon & Schuster) During the summer following each year at Berkeley High School in California, Ariel Schrag wrote a comic book about her experiences, which she would then photocopy and sell around school. Some friends thrilled to see themselves in the comic, others not so much, but everyone was interested.

Awkward chronicles Ariel’s freshman year, and Definition, her sophomore year. With anxiety in excess and frustration to the fullest, Ariel dives in — meeting new people, going to concerts, crushing out, loving chemistry, drawing comics, and obsessing over everything from glitter-laden girls to ionic charges and the constant pursuit of the number-one score.

Selected for the American Library Association Rainbow List

The High School Comic Chronicles of Ariel Schrag are a scathing and meticulously documented autobiographical triumph”” – Alison Bechdel

Awkward sample page - Definition sample page

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PotentialPotential (Simon & Schuster) Ariel Schrag continues her tumultuous passage through high school in the second book of her acclaimed series of frank, insightful, and painfully honest autobiographical graphic novels.

Written during the summer following her junior year at Berkeley High School, Potential recounts Ariel’s first real relationship and first-time love with a girl, her quest to lose her virginity to a boy, and her parents’ divorce — as well as the personal and social complications of writing about her life as she lives it. Along the way she hangs out with her favorite teacher, obsesses over clothes, gets drunk, smokes pot, and tries to connect the biology she reads about in textbooks with the biology she’s living.

Nominated for an Eisner Award

“A mesmerizing read… hilarious frankness and a wickedly addictive sense of storytelling…” – Village Voice

Potential sample page - View video-comic chapters from Potential

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LikewiseLikewise (Simon & Schuster) Ariel Schrag concludes her turbulent ride through high school in the final volume of her acclaimed series of compelling and strikingly honest autobiographical graphic novels.

Likewise takes us into the holy grail of teenagers, every bit as terrifying as it is liberating: senior year. Struggling with a major longing for her ex-girlfriend, her parents’ post-divorce relationship, anxiety over the future, and all the graphic details of her complicated life, Ariel sets out to document everything and everyone.And when she discovers James Joyce, a whole new world of creativity opens up to her.

Nominated for a Lambda Literary Award

“In a confessional style that’s part Robert Crumb and part Judy Blume, Schrag explores teenage sexuality in a frank, often heartbreaking way… her obsession with truth-telling would make Holden Caulfield proud.” — NPR

Likewise sample page - Read a roundtable discussion of Likewise

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Stuck in the MiddleStuck in the Middle: 17 Comics from an Unpleasant Age (Viking) This anthology, edited by Ariel Schrag, examines the horrors of Middle School featuring contributions by Gabrielle Bell, Ariel Bordeaux, Robyn Chapman, Daniel Clowes, Vanessa Davis, Nick Eliopulos, Eric Enright, Jim Hoover, Cole Johnson, Joe Matt, Jace Smith, Aaron Renier, Tania Schrag, Dash Shaw, Lauren Weinstein and Ariel herself.

Selected for New York Public Library’s Books for the Teen Age

“Excellent” — Ned Vizzini, The New York Times Book ReviewStuck in the Middle sample page

In 2009 Stuck in the Middle was banned from two school libraries in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Read the School Library Journal article here. View the Sioux Falls local TV news report here.

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AKIEAriel and Kevin Invade Everything! Ariel Schrag and Kevin Seccia co-write this webcomic recounting the various ridiculous adventures of two best friends.

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“Made me laugh out loud.” – Whitney Matheson, USA TODAY

“Freaking hilarious. Though it has a journal/autobio vibe to it, the material is funny enough that it feels fictional (that or Ariel and Kevin are truly hilarious and epic to hang out with).” – Comic Book Resources

Listen to a radio interview with Ariel and Kevin on the Mike and Judy show here: Listen here!

Sinful CynthiaSinful Cynthia A choose-your-own-adventure co-written by Ariel Schrag and Toby Wincorn.

You are Sinful Cynthia and you inhabit a world full of strippers, serial killers, naughty nurses, and crooked cops. Danger lurks around every corner in your quest for pleasure, but nothing will stop you… tonight it’s either come or die trying! 18 and over only.

“Highly Recommended” – Autostraddle

Available for purchase in store at Desert Island in Brooklyn, New York

Short ComicsPart of It Schrag is currently working on a collection of short autobiographical comics, spanning her experiences from age six to twenty-six.

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